Behold, the ‘Lord of Cinders’

They say there is coincidence to certain events and dates. Repetitions and cycles. They also say there is fortitude and prophecy to be found to those who gaze into flame.

Perhaps there is something equally transfixing hidden in the rhythms. We hope you might join us and find it as we present ‘Lord of Cinders‘. A lean back towards the bombast, a story within a story, and that’s just the title track.

The EP also contains the single ‘A.L.S.D‘ recorded especially for this release. The premise should make the discovery of the acronym all the easier.

Then we bring back an ‘old fave’, ‘Mindrape‘ live and raw on a planet fraught with war and fake news? Depends who you ask. (Buenos Aires was an inside job).

Lastly, let there be no mistakes. There is more to come. Let ‘Watch the Skies‘ light the way in sonic warning.

Our new EP ‘ Lord of Cinders’ is available now from Bandcamp.

Get ready to ‘Wreck The Halls’ – 25/12/18

Just in time to blast the boredom away while you’re waiting for that weird creature’s speech (not human by the way!), we present a couple of slabs of seasonal slaughter.

Recorded mostly live for a nice raw sound (and so we didn’t break the budget for the 2nd album) this little detour allowed us to cover a couple of our festive favourites with perfect timing for release today!

Wrap your earthly lugholes around ‘Wreck the Halls’ right now, available on Bandcamp here, and free no less. Nothing, nada, gratis. We must be going soft.

You can even listen to it right now, right here! Wizardry.

A Night in the Forest – Landing 5th July 2018

A Night in the Forest includes the covers performed on the night of September the 2nd and a bonus track, as we like it and think it’s fun to get it stuck in everyone’s head.

Tracklisting is:

1: Square Hammer (Ghost)

A Night in the Forest

2: Mother (Danzig)
3: Helena (The Misfits)
4: Love You To Death (Type O Negative)
5: We’re In This Together (Nine Inch Nails)

Available from all your favourite digital retailers, an accompanying PDF Booklet is available below to download from our website.

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